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Because your employee feedback is critical to the success of your organization, we offer a suite of advanced reporting, as well as custom reporting.

If you have purchased your BCG Insights Report package, advanced reports are available for purchase, creating an even more valuable reporting package for your organization. These reports provide a deep dive into your employee data. To learn more, contact Jamie Linkous.


Key Driver Analysis

If you want to know which factors are most likely to affect levels of employee engagement at your organization, this is the report you’ll need. Our Key Driver Analysis uses a stepwise linear regression to identify top drivers of employee engagement, derived from the data collected from your employees. We recommend a minimum of 100 respondents to ensure the most valuable reporting. PRICE: $895

PDF: Overview


Response Distribution Report

Delivered in an active Excel file, the Response Distribution Report reveals the entire range of employee responses for each variable, reported by demographic category. We recommend a minimum of 50 responses to ensure the most valuable reporting. PRICE: $455

PDF: Overview


Mean Score Report

Delivered in an active Excel file, the Mean Score Report details not only the response distribution for each survey question, but also the mean score. The Mean Score Report does not report results by demographic categories. We recommend a minimum of 50 responses to ensure the most valuable reporting. PRICE: $455

PDF: Overview


Sorted Comments Report

Did you know that we can sort Employee Comments Reports for our customers, to offer some degree of where employees' open-ended responses originated? Many organizations can benefit from having employee comments segregated by a particular demographic, such as job role or department, in order to provide more comprehensive feedback to team leaders. PRICE: $455

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Year-By-Year Report

If you want to compare this survey’s results to data from previous surveys, add year-by-year reporting to your Employee Demographic Report. BASE PRICE: $455

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Custom Benchmark Reports

While a program Benchmark Report comes standard with your purchased BCG Insights Report package, some of our customers feel that they also want industry-specific and geographical Benchmark Reports not included in the BCG Insights Report package. PRICE: $995

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Reports Analysis Call

We want to make sure you get the most out of your reports and data! If you have not already, consider scheduling a report analysis call with our staff. This 30 minute call will provide you with not only the rubric used to interpret your reports, but will also identify the most important areas for improvement. Schedule a reports analysis call with our assessments team by contacting Jamie Linkous.



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