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You’ll have the option to survey employees via an online or a paper method (only one method per company, please!) We offer additional services to help you get the most out of the process, including customized and alternate language surveys. If you need the employee survey translated, we offer this service for a flat rate of $215. Translations are requested when registering. Please see the Pricing to determine your potential cost for the survey process.

If you choose to survey employees online, you’ll submit a list of company email addresses for all eligible employees through the Email Upload Portal. The portal is sent soon after the registration deadline. (If an employee does not have a company email address, we can send surveys to personal email addresses – yahoo, gmail, hotmail, etc. – but will not be able to troubleshoot should the survey get caught in a spam filter or not be successfully received.)

Surveys will be sent directly from Best Companies Group via an email that will contain a unique link created for each individual employee.

If some of your employees do not have either a company or personal email address, we can supply access codes for up to 30% of your eligible employee population. If the need exceeds 30%, your organization should switch over to the paper survey process that will better suit your needs. What is an access code?

If you select to survey employees via paper, a package of survey materials will be mailed to you including: a letter from BCG, your employee surveys, and postage-paid return envelopes. We ask that the surveys are distributed upon arrival and that employees are free to complete and mail the surveys individually as they wish. Organizations selecting the paper option will also be required to complete an Employee Eligibility Checklist, provided upon registration. Please see Pricing for the paper survey fees.

Please see our Statement of Confidentiality regarding the security of this sensitive data. All employee data is submitted anonymously.


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